Systems Automation

Our Solutions provides an efficient corporate governance and reporting systems, effective financial management and proper utilization of funds thus achieving financial management excellence through efficient and effective process and controls, institutionalization of corporate governance and the ethos of accountability, sustenance and transparency.

Barcode and Asset Tag

Barcoding your assets can really help to transform your asset tracking and audit process. It enables you to quickly access information about an asset and can significantly improve the accuracy of your fixed asset register. CRM’s team will tag all involved assets and ensure key fields are covered, thus ensuring accountability and corporate transparency

Reconciliation of Fixed Asset Data

There’s often an element of error and financial misstatement, fixed assets reconciliation accuracy needs the appropriate attention of every financial controller and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Based on the above process, your Physical Asset Register will be cross matched with your Financial Database, resulting in one clean asset list.

Risk Management

Uncertainties are almost inevitable as they can either have positive or negative effect on the project’s goal. At CRM, we deploy effective strategies to uncover and identify associated project risks, and conduct an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the risk. Our team are experts in treating the risks and will provide adequate measures for proper monitoring and review.

We understand how important achieving the set project goal is, and we are fully committed to helping you minimize the effect or impact of project threats and capture the golden opportunities available.

Asset Valuation

When companies require an objective and independent assessment of value, they look to Corporate Risk Managers.
Our finance and accounting expertise, combined with the use and development of sophisticated valuation methodologies, can fulfill even the most complex financial reporting and tax requirements. We constantly monitor changing regulations and consistently work with both local and International Accounting Standards in line with implementing guidance and financial reporting rules with valuation implications.

We also perform tax valuations and related consulting in accordance with the regulations and guidance established by the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities. We work with our clients to ensure that regulators understand our conclusions and valuation methodologies.